Animations sound intimidating at first, but this article will give you a new perspective on how animations work and how you can be a great animator in the future.

‘Developing a Creative Eye for Graphic Design’ is a blog series that shares first-hand knowledge and experiences from DotYeti’s creative team. In this first series, we’ll be taking a look at Ross’ and Jacob’s perspectives on the art of animation.

“It’s through mistakes that you can actually grow. You have to get bad in order to get good.” — Paula Scher

Women graphic designers are fueled by so much talent, passion, and a wild imagination that they are slowly taking over the design world — and today we are choosing to recognize their hard work. Each one of them are creative and smart enough to keep pushing the design barriers beyond their limit by creating outstanding designs the world has never seen before.

All women should be praised for their incomparable achievements for making a difference in a male-dominated world. …

When firms understand the power of utilizing good social media graphic designs that reflect the identity, voice, and quality of their brand — it becomes the driving force that captures the interest of their audience. And since we live in the digital era, potential customers will easily overlook your brand if your graphic design doesn’t resonate well with them.

That’s because social media is about connection and engagement. People want to feel like they can trust your brand in one glance. Long story short, it’s worth investing in good social media graphic designs. …

Starting the year right with a design checklist is a constructive practice that allows graphic designers to maximize their skills, promote productivity, and workflow. Creativity, passion, and talents on their own have their perks — although pairing them with the proper essentials, communication tools, and anti-burnout tips are also needed to generate staggering visual art.

4 Designer Essentials to Last the Year

In order to bring life to your ideas, investing in the right essential materials is a must. To create designs that captures the attention of a highly visual and digital audience, this design checklist will help you out.

1. Drawing Tablet

If buying a computer isn’t included in…

It’s no secret that creative Influencers spent years mastering their field. In order for them to build a reputation as being the best in what they do, their expertise and knowledge about art and designs need to be grand and helpful in order for them to gain a huge following on social media.

With the internet filled with talented minds, only a handful of people can truly inspire creativity in others. Here are 15 inspiring creative influencers to look out for this 2021!

1. Lizzie Peirce


Lizzie Peirce is a strong woman who seeks to inspire people around the world — especially young… is the most creative, on-demand unlimited graphic design platform for a flat monthly fee.

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